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Inner Fire
The Souljazz Orchestra
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24 February 2014
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Limited 180g Vinyl Edition (Only in the Strut Store).

Our favorite globally-minded Canadian virtuosos have finished up a new recording for 2014, and it’s a real scorcher! Inner Fire, the latest from Pierre Chrétien & co. sees The Souljazz Orchestra perfecting their global music fusion, and treading some extremely funky territory while they’re at it. Recorded using the Orchestra’s signature analogue techniques at their studio HQ in their home city of Ottawa, the new set continues the band’s expansive musical journey as they effortlessly fuse intricate Eastern influences, Afro beats, Egyptian jazz, Latin styles and spiritual elements into their unique musical melting pot. The secret to the band’s sound remains a true openness to global music of all kinds and the individual experiences of the Orchestra’s band members. “We all have very wide tastes, we’re always digging for new sounds, and we’ve had the chance to work with master musicians from all over, from Nigeria to Rwanda, from Cuba to Haiti, so each band member ends up bringing different vibes and ideas to each of our albums,” explains keyboardist Chrétien. On Inner Fire, the different vibes come thick and fast, burning through afro-jazz stompers, highlife flourishes, Cuban bolero sounds, smoldering salsa dura, and even scorching personal rendition of Gary Bartz NTU Troop’s 1971 classic, “Celestial Blues.”

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  1. 1 Initiation 1:15 The Souljazz Orchestra Buy
  2. 2 Kingdom Come 4:12 The Souljazz Orchestra Buy
  3. 3 One Life To Live 4:03 The Souljazz Orchestra Buy
  4. 4 As The Crow Flies 5:12 The Souljazz Orchestra Buy
  5. 5 Black Orchid 4:14 The Souljazz Orchestra Buy
  6. 6 Agoya 5:06 The Souljazz Orchestra Buy
  7. 7 East Flows The River 4:58 The Souljazz Orchestra Buy
  8. 8 Sommet En Sommet 4:17 The Souljazz Orchestra Buy
  9. 9 Celestial Blues 5:51 The Souljazz Orchestra Buy
  10. 10 Completion 0:45 The Souljazz Orchestra Buy

The Souljazz Orchestra

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