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Richard Sen presents This Ain't Chicago - The Underground Sound Of UK House & Acid 1987-1991
Various Artists
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July 6, 2012

Strut presents an all new compilation placing the spotlight on early house music and acid emerging from the UK during the mid to late ‘80s, ‘This Ain’t Chicago’. Compiled by respected DJ / producer Richard Sen (Padded Cell, Bronx Dogs), the album celebrates the heady era when UK producers were responding to the first wave of Chicago house and documents the underground clubs that first championed the music – as the early rave scene and acid house kicked in at London clubs like Shoom and Spectrum, deeper and darker house nights thrived like RIP at Clink Street, Confusion and The Jungle and in warehouse parties around East London. Manchester too adopted house music at an early stage, most famously at The Hacienda’s Nude night. As well as an in-depth look at the music and the accompanying scene through the DJs and producers that were there, ‘This Ain’t Chicago’ investigates media and clubland's attitude to the emerging sound during house music’s early days, as early resistance from London’s rare groove and hip hop scene gave way to an explosion of dance music and rave culture. Musically, the album draws on both underground classics and lesser known tracks including early outings by producer Julian Jonah, A Guy Called Gerald, Trevor Fung’s Playtime Toons, Eddie Richards and Ian B’s Rio Rhythm Band and Baby Ford. The compilation also celebrates a host of excellent but short-lived UK DIY labels including Ruby Red from West Midlands, G-Force out of Essex, Rhythmbeat, Chill and Catt. “This album features many personal favourites and the tracks were particularly inspirational to me as a DJ and clubber at the time,” reflects Richard Sen. With current productions drawing heavily on early house sounds and production techniques, this album brings to light many previously unsung classics from the UK underground, still sounding as vibrant and relevant as during the early days of house.

Digital Tracklist

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Track List: LP

A1 Colm III – Take Me High (Mansion Mix) 7:18
A2 SLF – Show Me What You Got (Acid Mix) (Part 1) 6:46

B1 Julian Jonah – Jealousy & Lies 6:12
B2 Julie Stapleton – Where's The Love Gone (Remix) 5:48
B3 Exocet – Safety Zone 4:39

C1 Ability II – Pressure Dub 10:05
C2 M.D.Emm – 1666 (Pyro-Maniac Mix) 6:32

D1 Window Smashers – Free To Be 5:48
D2 Return Of The Living Acid – Twin Tub 5:36
D3 Baby Ford – Crashing 5:28

Track List: CD

CD 1

  1. Bang The Party – Bang Bang You're Mine (Full Vocal Remix) 6:13
  2. Window Smashers – Free To Be 5:46
  3. Julian Jonah – Jealousy And Lies 6:12
  4. Baby Ford – Crashing 5:30
  5. Man With No Name – From Within The Mind Of My 909 4:59
  6. Rio Rhythm Band – Cuba Jakkin' 6:42
  7. Playtime Toons – Shaker Song 4:26
  8. Jail Break – Mentality 5:12
  9. Exocet – Safety Zone 4:37
  10. Return Of The Living Acid– Twin Tub 5:36
  11. May – Love Me Baby (Garage House Mix) 5:11
  12. CXX – The Comfort Of Strangers (Mix By Rhythm Doctor) (RS Edit) 5:42
  13. Julie Stapleton – Where's Your Love Gone? (Remix) 5:44

CD 2

  1. Sly & Lovechild – The World According To Sly & Lovechild (Andrew Weatherall Soul Of Europe Mix) 8:23
  2. Ability II – Pressure Dub 10:08
  3. Static – Iron Orbit (J. Saul Kane Mix) 6:47
  4. M.D.Emm – 1666 (Pyro-Maniac Mix) 6:34
  5. Colm III – Take Me High (Mansion Mix) 7:15
  6. S.L.F – Show Me What You Got (Acid Mix) (Part 1) 6:44
  7. Confidential – Psychopath 5:28
  8. Bizarre Inc – Technological 6:40
  9. Us – Born In The North 5:12
  10. Annette – Dream 17 6:19
  11. Rohan Delano – Inflight 5:16
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